33 Ways to Relax without Technology

With technology being such a fundamental part of our lives, sometimes it is important to relax without the presence of phones, computers or television sets. The following offers 33 different ways to relax technology free and focus on the smaller things in life.

  1. Read a book
    When staying in our Hunchy Montville cabins get lost in another world and enjoy a little time away from digital devices with an old fashioned paperback book.
  2. Go on a technology free holiday
    As much as we may like to think otherwise, technology can actually create more stress. Take a break and go on holidays without the digital distraction.
  3. Sleep in
    A good night’s sleep is essential to a happy and healthy life and sometimes sleeping in past your usual wake up can also be a little exhilarating. Allow your body to naturally awaken, rather than jarring it with an alarm.
  4. Watch a sunset
    Sit back, relax and watch the world go from day to night. Be aware of how precious and magical time is and enjoy the moment, without any distractions.
  5. Run a hot bath
    A hot bath can be one of the most soothing experiences in the world, yet so many of us hardly touch the bath – or may not even have one! Whether it’s at home or in a hotel, run the water and set yourself up for some time in the tub. Grab a book or a glass of wine and relax.
  6. Meditate
    Get back to basics and enjoy some time free from thought. Meditation is a powerful tool for relaxing – without the need for technology!
  7. Breathe
    It may seem odd, but many people forget to simply breathe, especially when stressed. Find a quiet space and breathe deeply, filling your lungs and expelling slowly.
  8. Immerse yourself in nature
    heading outside has many benefits and enjoying the touch and feel of the world around you is a great way to relax. Take off your shoes, lie down in the grass and open your senses.
  9. Go out for dinner
    No takeaways in front of the television or dinners with phones! Instead, organise an outing to a nice restaurant with someone you love and enjoy the good food and company without the technology.
  10. Commute without technology
    Getting to work often goes hand in hand with playing on your phone or watching a movie on your tablet. But this is a great opportunity to truly relax, so put away the phone and watch the world go by. Or, if that sounds a little dull, get an old fashioned hard copy book!
  11. Have a nothing day
    Choose to do nothing. Just be. This will help relax you from the inside out, with no distractions to upset your mood or body.
  12. Get a massage
    It may sound obvious, but a massage is a great way to wind down. However, a massage is more than a way to relax. It has also been found to reduce anxiety, boost the immune system and prevent depression. If you're staying at Hunchy Hideaway Montville Cabins we can arrange a couples massage in your very own cabin.
  13. Take a day off from exercising
    It is possible to overexert yourself, even if you think just one day without a gym session will put you behind. Don’t let yourself burn out. Instead, take a day off and relax and enjoy vegging out!
  14. Indulge in your favourite food
    We live in a world where everything we eat should be “good” for us. But sometimes something that seems bad will do more good than you think. So, give yourself a break! Enjoy your favourite food, savouring each bite.
  15. Have a “me” day
    Sometimes all we do is things for others. Give yourself a chance to do something for you. Have a “me” day and do all the things you want to do that don’t involve technology. Every day at Hunchy's Sunshine Coast adults only accommodation is a tech-free "me" day so why not book a mid-week or weekend escape.
  16. Have a spa day at home
    Rather than spending a lot of money or worrying about what to wear, pamper yourself at home. Fill a bucket with warm water and soap for your feet, make a homemade face mask, sit back and read some magazines.
  17. Spend time with your pets
    There is nothing like the relaxed, friendly vibe only a pet can give you. Take some time out of your day to give them some attention and a good scratch and reap the benefits.
  18. Have some tea
    Put down the coffee and get a pot of tea brewing. Tea has lots of great beneficial properties and less of the caffeine that makes coffee rev you up. A warm mug of tea is a great way to relax.
  19. Go to the theatre
    Don’t rent out a movie or head to your computer, instead go out to the theatre and enjoy a good old fashioned move night – in real life.
  20. Dress up
    Nothing makes you feel better than getting all done up – even for guys! Whether it’s planning for an event or just trying on something you love, dressing up is a great way to improve your mood and let go of your worries.
  21. Get a hobby
    A hobby is a great way to unwind and give yourself a break from technology. It could be knitting, cycling, painting or renovating – whatever it is, go out and get the basics and fall in love with something hands on.
  22. Eat breakfast in bed
    Feel like a kid again and make yourself breakfast in bed. Make sure it is something simple that you can munch on while enjoying watching the world wake up around you. Hunchy's B&B Sunshine Coast can arrange scrumptious breakfasts you and your partner can enjoy in bed, inside by the roaring fireplace or out on the deck surrounded by rainforest.
  23. Chew gum
    This is a surprisingly quick and easy way to relax, with just a few minutes of chewy known to reduce anxiety and lower cortisol levels.
  24. Close your eyes
    Get away from the world for a moment. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and allow yourself to relax and let your mind wander.
  25. Squeeze a stress ball
    A stress ball is a quick and easy way to let go of some stress and get on with more important things. Have a little fun with it and choose a design that makes you smile.
  26. Brush your hair
    Repetitive movements can be very relaxing. Brushing your hair is great way to relax and can also double as a gentle scalp massage. Even if you’ve already done your 100 brushes for the day, whip it out and brush it through.
  27. Sit in the sun
    Getting your daily dose of vitamin D can actually be a great way to de-stress. Get away from the computer, turn off the television and head outside and let the rays drench you. Montville is a great area to soak up the sun. Book a Sunshine Coast couples hinterland retreat to destress and unwind amidst nature in our Montville cabins
  28. Stretch out the stress
    Stretching is a great way to release tension. Stretch your whole body from your toes to your head. Let everything relax and sit naturally.
  29. Create a bedtime ritual
    It can be hard to relax enough for a good night’s sleep. One way to prepare your body for slumber is to have a routine. From brushing your teeth to putting your pyjamas on, having a ritual will signal to your body that it is time to sleep. Do this without technology or you will spend most of the night tossing and turning!
  30. Have a catnap
    A short, 20 minute nap can do wonders for your wellbeing and can melt away any worries you may have.
  31. Smell the roses
    Literally! Ever heard of aromatherapy? Get it for free by heading outdoors and enjoy the sweet smell of some flowers. Make sure you always have a fresh vase of flowers in your work space to take a whiff any time.
  32. Take a bathroom break
    Sometimes you simply need to get away. In the office, this can be hard. An easy way to make an escape and have some alone time is to head to the bathroom. Close your eyes and breathe away the worries.
  33. Go on a romantic weekend away
    Spend time with the person who loves you most. Go somewhere secluded and romantic and simply enjoy each other’s company for a few days. Hunchy's Montville accommodation cottages offer the perfect adults only getaway to enjoy stress-free, tech-free, brick-and-mortar free "couples" time. Set amidst lush rainforest, and boasting a private waterfall, just a short drive from Kondalilla National Park and the heart of town, what more could you want from a city escape?

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