Massage & Spa Getaway, you deserve it!

When you work too hard, sometimes a pat on the shoulder is not enough to make the stress go away and feel good about yourself. This holiday, leave all the stress behind and feel rejuvenated by rewarding yourself with a relaxing massage and spa at a secluded and calming destination like Hunchy Hideaway.

Massage & Spa Getaways In MontvilleAdults Only Accommodation offering Couples Massage Sunshine Coast

Having a massage and spa can be a healthy treat for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

If you have a minor injury, a massage session can ease aches and pains.  You can also cope better with life’s never-ending demands as it can reduce the levels of stress hormone cortisol, helping you to manage anxiety and depression.  Several studies show it has other amazing health benefits such as better sleep, mood and even boosts immunity.

Why have a massage and spa getaway

Going to the beach is perhaps the most popular way to spend the holidays, however it may not be the ideal destination to have a calm and relaxing vacation as it can get too crowded and noisy.  If you are looking for an alternative, spending your time at a spa can be the perfect option.

Visiting a spa can melt away all of your stress. Just imagine getting a facial, going in a sauna or having a massage at a place where you are at peace and can get you in touch with nature.  Many spas also offer different health, beauty and wellness packages to suit your needs.  Some even teach classes such as yoga, tai chi and meditation to help you handle stress better on your own.  There are also aromatherapies which can alleviate stress.

Choosing a destination

Looking for the perfect destination for your spa shouldn’t be overlooked and taken for granted.  Many trips have turned into a disaster due to lack of practical consideration for budget, weather and transportation.  If you are planning to get a massage at a place where you can also be in one with nature, then Hunchy Hideaway is the perfect place.

Situated in Montville, Hunchy Hideaway is a popular spot for local and foreign tourists who are desperately in need of a relaxing day off.  The mountain resort is the perfect setting to get a massage and spa as it is tranquil and surrounded by lush greeneries.  They also offer comfortable and private hinterland accommodations where you can get an amazing massage and spa experience at the comfort of your own room.  Their services are provided by three wellness centres including the The Natural Beauty Retreat in Dulong, Temple Massage and Casa di Natura Day Spa.

For the ultimate couples massage in Sunshine Coast, enjoy the calming experience at a place where you are able to be one with nature while you unwind. Call Hunchy Hideaway on 07 5478 5470 and book your trip now.