Montville Accommodation for your Sunshine Coast Honeymoon

Getting married is one of the most special days of your life. However, you also have to share it with friends and family, often spending more time worrying about everyone else rather than each other! The untapped beauty of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland provides a peacefully idyllic setting for your honeymoon - time to forget the rest of the world and bask in the joy of being married.

Although island honeymoons are very popular, if you are looking for something a little unique, why not plan your honeymoon in Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland?

Honeymoon Montville Accommodation

Where you spend your honeymoon is one of your most important decisions. If you want a romantic getaway in Queensland made for couples, then Hunchy Hideaway is the perfect choice. Offering a range of luxury accommodation Sunshine Coast packages made for a romantic escape with a number of great extras, they have the perfect honeymoon cottages and cabins in Montville and Maleny for your honeymoon.

Things to do

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is a mecca for wine tours, locally produced goods and great bushland adventures. Your romantic honeymoon is all about enjoying each other’s company and the finer things in life. What better way to do that than go on a wine tour? With vineyards such as Maleny Mountain Wines and Flame Hill Vineyard in close proximity to Hunchy Hideaway, you can sip quality Queensland wine while enjoying the amazing mountain views.

Or, if you want something a little more intimate and down to earth, the hinterland also features more than a dozen rainforest bushwalks, ideal for any skill level and offering great views of the mountains, waterfalls and hinterland tropics.

Where to eat in Montville

Your honeymoon should be about indulging. Indulging in each other and indulging in fine dining. Luckily, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is well known for its great range of restaurants and cafes, situated in the areas signature European styled cottages.  Choose from infamous haunts such as Montville Cafe, Bar & Grill, Bella Cucina, and Wild Rocket @ Misty’s.

For more advice and things to do on your honeymoon in Sunshine Coast, talk to the romantic getaway Sunshien Coast experts at Hunchy Hideaway! Simply call (07) 5478 5470 or fill out a Contact Form online to discuss room availability and more.