Reignite Romance @ Adults Only Montville Accommodation

Couples time is important to renew the strength of a relationship, & what better way than reconnecting with your beloved amidst nature in pure luxury. Learn more.

Being healthy and happy is paramount to a good life and sometimes the best way to ensure this is with a weekend away reconnecting with your beloved, and exploring places you have never been.

Hunchy Hideaway's adults only accommodation in the Sunshine Coast hinterland provides the serene, tech-free, space you need to reignite the passion and connection.The luxurious Hunchy Montville accommodation cottages in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland are an ideal private getaway, with a wide range of bush walks to explore all conveniantly nearby to enjoy the best of the rainforest. 

There are Montville bushwalks for everyone, from beginners to the most seasoned hiker, there is something for everyone in this spectacular location:

Mapleton Falls and Wompoo Circuit

This loop is 1.3km long, making for an easy stroll with a fantastic view at its lookout, overlooking the rainforest valley below with a bubbling waterfall at your side. The area is also famous for the Wompoo Fruit Dove, a bird with a distinctive trill that usually feeds in the area’s treetops.

Gardner’s Falls

Situated near Obi Obi Creek, Gardner’s Falls is a great hike for those looking for a place to spend a romantic couples getaway lunch together. This trail is popular for picnic goers, with a short level walk of only 300m down to the falls.

Mary Cairncross Park

There is something for everyone at this park. With a wide variety of native wildlife and walks between 1km and 2km long, you and your partner will enjoy the refreshing stroll through this stunning subtropical rainforest. One of the last of its kind, the forest also features great views across to the Glasshouse Mountains.

Kondalilla Falls Walks

This walk is suited to more experienced hikers, with steep paths between 2.4km and 4.6km in length. The shorter track will lead you to the top of the falls, while the circuit heads down into the valley and can take up to one hour.

Other tracks include the Hinterland Great Walk and Linda Garrett Reserve Circuit. Montville accommodation provider, Hunchy Hideaway, even have a package including an 11km walk through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, followed by a relaxing couples massage. Contact Hunchy for adults only accommodation in the Sunshine Coast hinterland for more information about this special offer or the tracks mentioned above.

For all your local tourism needs, you'll find the local Visitor's Centre a short 5 minute drive away at 198 Main Street Montville, at the bottom of the hill.