Stressed Out? Take a Sunshine Coast Hinterland Digital Detox Trip

The 21st century employee is bombarded with information from a wide variety of technologies. In 2013, 80 percent of the world’s population regularly use mobile phones and about 35 percent use the Internet on a daily basis. The same studies have shown that, while technology has drastically improved workplace productivity, it has also contributed to a large increase in work related stress.

 In a survey run by Lexmark, just over 52% of workers reported experiencing greater levels of work-related stress compared to five years ago.

In between juggling the continuous stream of work emails and checking social networking sites for the latest updates, many people forget to sit back and enjoy the company of those we love.If you’re stressed out at work and need time to reconnect with your partner, why not go on a technology detox to the heart of the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Hunchy Hideaway's Montville accommodation cabins.

Offering luxury Montville cabin accommodation with fireplace in Montville and Maleny, Hunchy Hideaway is the perfect place to book your tech-free romantic getaway.

Imagine sitting by the fire, red wine in hand as you watch the sun set over the mountains.  You can spend your time reading, playing board games or simply snuggling by the fireplace. You can go for a hike, enjoy some quiet fishing or go for a surf at the nearby Mooloolaba beach. Whatever your ideal romantic weekend away, you can find it at the heart of the beautiful sunshine coast hinterland.

Only Telstra Next G phones will work in most of the Hunchy Hideaway cottages and other providers receive only intermittent reception. There is also no internet connection, so you can leave that work laptop at home.  The staff at reception are happy to assist you if you need to make any urgent phone calls, otherwise sit back, relax and enjoy romantic time alone to reconnect.

For more information about booking Montville cabin accommodation for a technology-free couples retreat, call us on (07) 5478 5470 to talk to one of the friendly Hunchy Hideaway Sunshine Coast hinterland accommodation staff.